Culmstock Parish Council Agenda Tuesday 17th March 2015




Haxlea, 2 Threeways, Bratton Fleming, Barnstaple, EX31 4TG

Tel: 01598 710526.  Email:


TO ALL COUNCILLORS:  You are hereby summoned to a Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 at 7pm in the Village Hall.   The Agenda is detailed below.                                         

                                         Sue Squire, Parish Clerk, 12 February 2015.   


Councillor J Berry, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council will be present to address the Council.


Vacancies on the Parish Council. A letter of application to be co-opted on to the Parish Council had been received.



Apologies. Councillor Miss L Jones.



Declarations of Interest.



Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17/2/15. 



Planning & Planning Correspondence.

5.1  At the time of preparing the Agenda, there were no Planning Applications to consider.

5.2  Planning Correspondence:  To note the following MDDC Decision Notice:

- REFUSAL for 14/01932/MFUL – Installation of a ground-mounted photovoltaic solar farm to generate up to 6MW of power at Wiseburrow Farm, Burlescombe.


5.4  MDDC.  Changes to Planning Obligations.  A further reminder has been sent for a clarification requested to the letter dated 3/12/14.



Democratic Period.   Parishioners are reminded that representations should not exceed a period of 3 minutes.


Matters Arising:

  • Draft Community Roads Warden Scheme.
  • Emergency Plan.  Councillor Hare to report.
  • Access Plans
  • Highways issues had been reported
  • GAP funding for installation of superfast broadband. Councillor Hare to report on his findings.



Reports / Updates will be given by or on behalf of the following:

8.1  Police.

8.2  County Councillor R Radford.  Councillors have been forwarded details as a follow up to enquiries about the Lengthsmen service and bus route 675.

8.3  District Councillor G Hughes

8.4  P3.  Mr M Barrow

8.5  Highways. Councillor G Bass – Road Warden Scheme, Potholes, Obstruction at Shop, Road Closures 

8.6  Councillor G Bass – Access Report to include the following items: Higher Level Stewardship problem – Blackdown Common & Sampford Moor;  riding on Blackdown Common;  Red Ball Common;  Access Development Project / Blackdown Gate  / The Strand

8.7  Culmstock Community Garden

8.8  Culmstock News




9.1  Balances:  Treasurer's Account & Business Instant Access Account. To be tabled.

Budgetary figures for February 2015 will be forwarded to Councillors ahead of the Meeting to study.


9.2  To consider a request for a donation of £500 - £1,000 to the Blackdowns Early Music Project towards the costs of 2015’s activity.


9.3  Payments:

To agree the following payments:

Mrs S Squire                                                   March Salary net of PAYE                £188.28

                                                                         Contribution towards Broadband          £    1.50

                                                                         Photocopying                                        £    9.45

                                                                         Mileage                                                 £  22.00

Shared contribution for Preparing for Elections course fee, petrol & parking                £    4.55                             £225.78                          

HMRC                                                              February PAYE                                                                               £  47.00


9.4  Bank Mandate. This is in the process of being dealt with.


9.5  Higher Level Stewardship Agreement.  To note that a cheque for £1,250.00 has been received and banked in respect of the annual payment.


9.6  Water Supply at the Cemetery.  Arrangements are being made for South West Water to install a water meter.


9.7  Blackdown Support Group. Letter of thanks for donation of £150.00.



Compliance.  To consider the adoption / review of the following:  (documents have been sent to Councillors).  Deferred from the last Meeting.

  • Statement of Internal Control. This is a new audit item for 2015
  • Policies:  Equal Opportunity, Grant Giving, Complaints
  • Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme
  • Financial Risk Assessment
  • Standing Orders and in connection with this, a model Filming Protocol Policy as a result of new recent regulations
  • Financial Regulations
  • Asset Register



Correspondence.     Notices and Publications will be available to read.

11.1  MDDC Open Space and Play Area Strategy. Email advising this was now complete. Councillors had been advised of the details.

11.2  Somerset County Council. Email informing that SCC has resolved to adopt the Somerset Minerals Plan: Development Plan document up to 2030 on 18/2/15.



Items raised by the Chairman/Councillors/Clerk.

12.1  To note that Mrs S Squire, Parish Clerk, is booked to attend an Audit Seminar presented by external auditors Grant Thornton in Exeter on 15/4/15.

12.2  To fix a date for the Annual Parish Meeting.



Next Meeting:  Tuesday, 21 April 2015 in the Village Hall at 7pm.






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